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Dr. Robbins at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ specializes in cosmetic surgery of the body. This includes brachioplasty. Dr. Robbins is Iowa’s only quadruple board certified plastic surgeon. Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ has an operating suite on site which provides you privacy and continuity of care. Dr. Robbins and his highly trained staff are available to answer any questions you may have and help you through your journey to look and feel your best.


As we age, most of us experience a loss of skin elasticity. This effect, compounded with significant weight loss, can make it difficult to tighten and firm your upper arms.

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If you’re struggling with excess skin, you have options. Upper arm lift surgery, or brachioplasty, with quadruple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Robbins at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ can dramatically improve the shape and contour of your upper arms.

Dr. Robbins is board certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Laser Surgery.

When to Consider Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery can help you achieve a slimmer, more contoured look.

You may be a candidate for brachioplasty if you:

  • Are unhappy with the shape, tone or proportion of your arms
  • Have excess skin and fat on your upper arms
  • Have tried to tone your arms through diet and exercise but have been unsuccessful

The best candidates for arm lift surgery are in good overall health and have realistic expectations. Before considering surgery, it’s also important to be at a healthy and stable body weight. Significant changes in weight can negatively impact your results long term.


  • What happens during arm lift surgery?

    Arm lift surgery is an outpatient procedure (you’ll be able to return home the same day) that requires general anesthesia. The procedure will take place at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ in our fully accredited operating room. Our onsite operating room allows patients to experience privacy and continuity of care. The length and location of your incisions will depend on the severity of your lift. Mild lifts may only require a small incision concealed within the armpit. More significant arm lifts may require an incision that runs from the armpit to the elbow.

    Using a combination of liposuction and excision (surgical removal), Dr. Robbins will firm, tighten and reshape your upper arms. Excess skin will be trimmed away and your incisions will be secured with sutures.

  • Will I need to take time off from work to recover?

    Yes. Arm lift surgery is a surgical procedure that requires time off from work and other daily routines so that you can rest and recuperate. Recovery times vary, but most patients are able to resume most normal activities, including work, within 2 to 4 weeks of surgery.

  • Will my recovery be painful?

    It’s normal to experience some swelling, bruising and discomfort for the first several days to weeks following surgery. To minimize these symptoms, Dr. Robbins will provide you with a combination of oral pain medication, elastic compression garments and cold compresses.

  • Is there any way to prevent scarring?

    No. Scarring is an inevitable consequence of skin removal. However, when possible, Dr. Robbins will try to conceal incision lines within the natural contours of your body. Unfortunately, the scars from an arm lift are usually not fully concealable because there are no creases or contours to hide them.

    Your scars will be the most noticeable in the first few weeks following surgery — appearing raised and pigmented. Over time however, they will gradually fade, flatten and become less visible. Because the skin is very thin in the upper arm area, the scars will most likely always be visible though.

  • Can liposuction serve as an alternative to more invasive arm lift surgery?

    In certain circumstances, liposuction may serve as an alternative; however, liposuction cannot address inelastic or loose skin. Arm lift surgery is the only way to address significant amounts of sagging excess skin on the upper arms.

Learn More About Arm Lift Surgery in Des Moines

Are you thinking about arm lift surgery in Des Moines? Contact our plastic surgery office today to schedule a complimentary cosmetic consultation with quadruple board certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Robbins. During your consultation, you’ll have the chance to discuss important details such as recovery time and total cost, and view our gallery of patient photos. Please call us today at 515-221-9999 or fill out the Contact Us Form on this page.

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