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Vectra 3D Imaging Des Moines

Dr. Robbins is excited to introduce 3D patient imaging to Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ and Iowa. Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ is the first practice within 100 miles of Des Moines to offer this truly remarkable technology. You will be amazed at the possibilities that the VECTRA can produce. A recent study performed by Adams and Roostaeian showed preoperative 3D simulation of breast augmentation offers patients greater than 90% accuracy in predicting post surgery size and volume.

Learn more about the Vectra 3D sculptor at The website is specifically created for you! It attracts thousands of visits from prospective patients who want to learn more about breast augmentation. It features an interactive 3D simulator which introduces patients to the aesthetic simulation capabilities of the Vectra 3D System.

See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

What does VECTRA do?

VECTRA is 3D digital imaging software that allows Dr. Robbins to show his patients the exciting possibilities of their anticipated cosmetic procedure. The face, breast, and body 3D sculptor can simulate virtually any cosmetic surgical procedure.

Can I see a 3D simulation of what my breasts would look like before and after a breast augmentation?

YES. This is the most exciting aspect of the VECTRA available only at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™. Dr. Robbins is now able to digitally simulate in 3 dimensions what a patient will look like with various breast implant sizes. Patients absolutely love this new option and it helps them decide visually what breast implant size is best for them. All types and sizes of breast implants are stored in the VECTRA software so after your 3D image is captured, virtually any implant size, shape and type can be visualized on the screen. In addition, VECTRA breast sculptor can simulate before and after images of breast lifts and reductions.

Can VECTRA simulate facial surgery as well?

YES. The VECTRA 3D imager can be used by Dr. Robbins to show patients before and after simulation of rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, injectables, lifts, facial contouring, and skin resurfacing.

FaceSculptor-rhino-chin-review RGB

What else can the VECTRA do?

The VECTRA Body Sculptor can simulate tummy tuck results, liposuction, cellulite treatments and volume change measurements.

Does the VECTRA cost anything or is it part of my complimentary consultation?

The VECTRA 3D imaging is free and part of your complimentary consultation with Dr. Robbins. Dr. Robbins wants all of his patients to be completely educated, knowledgeable, and comfortable with their decision to have cosmetic surgery.

Call us today and see the VECTRA 3D imaging in action, only at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™. Complimentary cosmetic consultation and VECTRA 3D imaging with Dr. Robbins. Call 515.221.9999.

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