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Why Medical Grade Skin Care Products Are Superior

What makes medical grade skin care products so great? Can’t I visit the department store cosmetics counter and find something comparable? The answer is no and here is the basic reason why: The pH level is probably the most significant difference between over-the-counter cosmeceuticals and those you’ll find from a plastic surgeon. pH of 7 […]

How Permanent Makeup Can Enhance Your Looks on a Budget

Many people in Des Moines have turned to low-cost treatments during these times of economic uncertainty, and permanent makeup has emerged as one excellent, budget-friendly cosmetic enhancement. What a permanent makeup artist can do… Permanent makeup artists create the illusion of bold features. Micropigmentation creates perfectly shaped eyebrows, enhances the eyelids with permanent eyeliner, or […]

Mentor has EXTENDED its MemoryGel Premier Advantage Limited Warranty

Mentor is the first breast implant manufacturer to offer a patient warranty and now, the first to offer the new premier advantage limited Warranty. Mentor continues to give women more of a reason to choose MemoryGel® round breast implants with the Mentor Premier Advantage Limited Warranty. As of or after May 1, 2009, Premier Advantage […]

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