Portrait of a handsome fashion man with thick hair

NeoGraft Gives You The Healthy Head Of Hair You’ve Been Dreaming Of

NeoGraft is one of the latest hair transplant methods to restore your hairline by adding thickness, density, and fullness. It is completely different from traditional operations that claim to serve the same purpose. It is minimally-invasive and doesn’t involve discomfort, a strip scar, or a long recovery period.

NeoGraft Hair transplantation avoids the issues of strip scar as it utilizes the FUE method to extract hair follicles. It removes the hair follicles by taking one to four strands in a group. As a result of this, it doesn’t create any strip scar on your scalp and instead generates hundreds of tiny and nearly invisible scars in your rear scalp area.

Overall, NeoGraft is an exclusive way to get back your natural-looking hair.

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