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Why Medical Grade Skin Care Products Are Superior

What makes medical grade skin care products so great? Can’t I visit the department store cosmetics counter and find something comparable? The answer is no and here is the basic reason why:

The pH level is probably the most significant difference between over-the-counter cosmeceuticals and those you’ll find from a plastic surgeon.

  • pH of 7 is neutral
  • pH of 5-6 is a weak concentration
  • pH of 7 is neutral
  • pH of 3- 4 is medium strength
  • pH of 1 or 2 is high strength acid, what you’ll typically find in high quality, medical grade products from a surgeon.

Although an over-the-counter skin care product may advertise a high acid concentration, it will usually register as a neutral pH. High quality skin care products from a plastic surgeon contain strong acids with a pH level of 1 or 2.

Ordinary products from the drug store are very safe, but they don’t offer a pH level that gets results. Consider this when you’re choosing a skin care regimen to cleanse your skin, improve your complexion, and protect yourself from the signs of photo-damage.

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