A consultation is equal parts interview, learning experience, and time to see the possibilities of what cosmetic surgery can achieve for you. It’s a two-way conversation that should help you answer important questions:

  • Is cosmetic surgery the right option for me?
  • If so, which procedure or procedures are appropriate?
  • Who do I want to perform my procedure(s)?
  • Are the benefits worth the risks?

You get these answers by meeting with Dr. Robbins, a board-certified plastic surgeon and his staff and asking more detailed questions. Expect each consultation to last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is important to remember you are consulting for elective cosmetic surgery, not covered by insurance.

Consultations require a credit card on file for purposes of no-shows or cancellations. Please see below our policy for a no-show or cancellation.

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Before Scheduling A Consultation

We encourage customers to do research online, talk with family and friends and verify the plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Please visit our website for more information about the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

This often prepares the customer for the consult and makes them feel more comfortable with Dr. Robbins. Many customers initially contact our office through our Contact Us webpage. They ask a few questions over email regarding the procedures they have in mind.

Once the customer feels comfortable with the information they have gathered, a consultation is scheduled by email or phone. Customers will always meet with Dr. Robbins and his Patient Care Coordinator for the initial consult.

Des Moines Plastic Surgery utilizes a patient portal so proper paperwork can be filled out on a computer in the comfort of their own home or in the lobby of our office. In order to access the patient portal, an email will be sent to you with the login information so that you can fill out your demographics, medical history and reason for your consult. When completing this form, be completely honest and thorough, as the information you provide helps to prevent complications during your care. When asked about medications, be sure to include any vitamin or herbal preparations, as these can affect your blood pressure and clotting ability. Honesty regarding your use of tobacco and alcohol also is very important, as this may have a profound impact on your recovery period and incision healing. This information is required to be completed before seeing Dr. Robbins for a consultation. Here is a link to our patient portal – https://www.dsmplasticsurgery.com/plastic-surgery-forms-des-moines/

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Deposit & No Show/Cancellation Policy

Cosmetic consultations with Dr. Robbins and the Des Moines Plastic Surgery team are $150. This payment will be applied towards your surgical fees should you decide to move forward with surgery within 6 months of your consultation. The consultation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable to other individuals.

As a courtesy to all, we ask that a 24-hour notice be given if you cancel or change your appointment. A credit card will be placed on file at the time of scheduling an appointment/consultation at Des Moines Plastic Surgery. If a consultation appointment is canceled in less than 24 hours of the appointment time or you do not show for your appointment, the $150 consultation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The consultation fee with Dr. Robbins is $150 and is NON-REFUNDABLE and non-transferable to other individuals. If you are not a candidate, the consult fee is NOT REFUNDED.  This payment will be applied towards your surgical fees should you decide to move forward with surgery within 6 months of your consultation.

At The Time Of Your Consultation

First, you’ll check in with the front desk at Des Moines Plastic Surgery. You will be asked for your driver’s license or a government-issued document which is used for identification purposes. You will also be asked to sign a HIPAA form which is required of all health care facilities.

When you are called back to begin your appointment, you will first meet with a patient coordinator, who will review your medical history with you and help you get settled. Your patient coordinator is your liaison between you and the practice. They make sure your questions are addressed quickly as you consider your options before surgery as well as throughout your surgery and recovery process. They also help you with scheduling pre-op appointments, your surgery date, and post-op appointments. Our front desk receptionist is also able to schedule pre-op appointments, your surgery date, and post-op appointments. The patient coordinator will credential the office and the staff, including Dr. Robbins, so that you have a good understanding of what sets Des Moines Plastic Surgery apart from other local plastic surgery practices.


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Meeting Dr. David Robbins

This is the customer’s opportunity to ask any and all questions. It is also Dr. Robbins’ opportunity to ask you questions as well. Every conversation should be open and honest because surgery is a big deal and both parties involved want the best outcome with the best experience possible. You should be expected to talk about the following:

  • What do you want to change about your body, and why you want to change it?
  • How you feel about your body now, and how you would like to feel after plastic surgery?
  • Your goals: what do you want to look like after surgery, what specific changes would you like to see?
  • Which procedure(s), if any, can help you achieve your goals?
  • What results you can expect from each procedure?
  • What’s involved in the surgery (anesthesia type, incisions, recovery timeframe)?
  • The risks and possible complications from surgery?
  • Review your medical history (be open and honest for your safety).

You’ll have your own questions, but here are a few to ask every surgeon:

  • Are you board certified? If so, from what board? (American Board of Plastic Surgery is what you want)
  • What is the expected length of operation?
  • Are options available?
  • What results can I expect, and how long do the typical results last?
  • Where will scars be located, and how noticeable will they be?
  • Will scars fade over time, and how long will this take?
  • How long have you been performing plastic surgery?
  • How many times have you performed the procedure(s) I am having?
  • How frequently do you perform these procedures?
  • Where will my surgery be performed, and who will administer anesthesia?
  • Are there any other options to address my issues? If so, what results can I expect? What are the pros and cons of each option?

If you have not had a chance to review our Photo Gallery before your consult and you would like to, please request to review these before and after photos in our office at your consultation.

Once all questions have been answered and the customer feels comfortable moving forward, Dr. Robbins will perform an examination. You’ll remain in your own clothes for most of the consultation. If your area of concern is on the breasts or body, Dr. Robbins will leave the room while you change into a robe and return to examine the area following your initial discussion. Your nurse will remain in the room during an examination.

Examinations may involve measurements, but you won’t have to complete any bloodwork. At Des Moines Plastic Surgery we hold off on taking “before” photos until you have scheduled surgery, during your pre-op visit—we don’t want you to feel pressured at all!

More conversation may take place between the customer and Dr. Robbins during and after the examination. It is important to us that we make sure you leave feeling comfortable with the consult and educated on your options. There are times when Dr.Robbins may not be able to meet a patient’s expectations or does not feel the procedure can be performed safely due to a patient’s health or desire for too many procedures at once. In these cases, the patient is encouraged to consider what is possible. There are other times when Dr.Robbins may be recommending “more” than the patient requested. This often happens when a patient’s expectation doesn’t meet the benefits of the initially sought procedure. For example, a patient with drooping breasts hopes to just have a breast augmentation to create a perkier breast but is being told that a breast lift is required with the augmentation. While this can be disappointing for the patient, it is best told at the initial visit.

Dr. Robbins will then excuse himself as you change back into your clothes. The patient coordinator and Dr. Robbins will then come back into the room to answer any more questions. The patient coordinator will review a detailed price quote for the procedure you are considering. This quote will include the Surgeon’s Fee, Facility Fee and Anesthesia Fees. If the quote is for breast implants or another procedure that requires additional supplies or products, those will also be included on the quote. Our quotes at Des Moines Plastic Surgery are valid 6 months from the creation date.

You’ll also have an opportunity to discuss payment and financing options with the patient coordinator. You may place a deposit of $1000 to hold a surgery date, if you’re ready to move forward. If you call at a later time to schedule, which is very common, we will run a credit card over the phone and have you sign for that transaction at your next appointment which is usually your pre-op. You also have the option of stopping by the office to make a payment for the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your total cost of surgery. Details regarding refunds or cancellations are detailed on your quote.

Sometimes one consultation isn’t enough to feel 100% ready to move forward. New questions may arise as everything you discussed at the consult sinks in. If so, call and ask for a second consult. If or when you do schedule surgery, write down all of the questions that pop up and bring them with you to your pre-op appointment to address with your nurse and/or patient coordinator or Dr. Robbins. Again, it is important to remember this is elective cosmetic surgery, and we want to make sure all your questions are answered and you feel comfortable with your decision. If you feel unsure at any time, please bring it to the attention of the nurse, patient care coordinator and/or Dr. Robbins.

If you schedule surgery with Des Moines Plastic Surgery, we will also make an appointment for your pre-op which is typically 2 weeks before your surgery date. At this appointment you have the option to meet with Dr. Robbins again, or with a Nurse. If you feel all your questions have been answered and don’t need to see Dr. Robbins, that is ok and you can be scheduled to meet with only the Nurse. Full payment is due at the pre-op appointment. At this appointment, we will address questions such as:

  • What preparation is required the day before and morning of surgery?
  • Should my regular medications be taken on the morning of surgery?
  • What time should I arrive at the surgery location?
  • Should someone drive me?
  • Should someone wait at the surgery location or come back later?
  • What kind of care will I require?
  • When will I be able to go home?
  • If a problem arises after I go home, who answers calls after hours and on weekends?
  • If I need to be seen after hours, where will this occur?
  • Are any special garments, medications, or diets required during the recovery period?
  • How much pain/swelling/bruising is to be expected? How long are these likely to last?
  • How long does the entire healing process last?
  • How many follow-up visits are necessary?
  • Who performs the skin care/post-operative follow-up/suture removal?
  • When can I wear makeup?
  • When may I return to exercise/bathing/driving/normal activities/work?
  • At what point will I feel comfortable in a social setting?

Important Information Regarding Surgery And Our Facility


Dr. Robbins will discuss smoking with you. Smoking may lead to severe complications and wound-healing problems. Dr. Robbins will not perform procedures on you if you are unwilling to quit smoking for two weeks preoperatively and two weeks post-operatively. You should view elective cosmetic surgery as a chance to change your life. You can improve your appearance through surgery and improve your health through smoking cessation and improving diet and exercise habits. You should end up looking better, feeling better, and living longer.

Where Your Surgery Will Be Performed

Your surgery will be performed on-site in our QUAD A certified operating suite. We offer this to our customers because of convenience, privacy and safety. Having an on-site operating suite provides convenience for you and your family by providing for all of your needs in one facility. This approach streamlines service and delivery in a single facility and is also comfortable and convenient for you.

QUAD A accreditation requires that physicians are properly credentialed and that facilities are appropriately equipped and staffed. QUAD A is the gold standard organization that provides accreditation for office operating rooms. The QUAD A may be contacted at 847-949-6058.

Revision Fees

Revisions may be required and do not indicate error or negligence on the part of Dr. Robbins. Revisions are an inherent risk of some procedures. Any revision may result in additional cost. If a revision is needed, a quote will be provided. As outlined in the content form signed by you before the procedure, there are potential risks and complications for any procedure and is not 100% predictable.

3-D Vectra Photography

At Des Moines Plastic Surgery, we often use photographic imaging to project what you might look like after surgery, but these are computer simulations. Be aware that these images are a method to represent an ideal goal. In no way do these images guarantee your outcome or warranty your surgery. The images may facilitate communication between you and Dr. Robbins, helping you understand each other’s opinions and preferences. They also may be used to demonstrate potential incision sites, size or volume of breast implants or potential results. Please be aware that this is a simulation and does NOT represent surgical results. Click here for more information regarding the Vectra 3D System.

The Final Decision

The decision for surgery is an important one. Explore and evaluate the opinions of family and trusted friends. However, the final decision should be yours. Dr. Robbins is here to listen, offer advice and personal opinion, and offer options to help you achieve the desired result. Ultimately, you must understand the procedure well enough to make an informed decision and trust the surgeon you choose.

We hope this information has made you feel comfortable about the consultation process. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please Contact Us or give us a call at 515.221.9999.

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