Vaser Lipo at Des Moines

VASER lipo is a customizable body sculptor that reduces fat and smooths the skin’s surface, helping you look and feel your best. Plastic surgeon Dr. David Robbins can provide you with excellent results from your Vaser lipo in Des Moines.

VASER Lipo Frequently Asked Questions

Vaser lipo is an amazing minimally invasive option for precisely targeting and eliminating stubborn pockets of fat all around the body. Vaser is a safe, versatile, and highly effective body contouring procedure. Vaser can:

  • Produce eye-catching results in a single procedure
  • Easily reduces large amounts of stored fat
  • Smooth skin even in delicate areas like the arms and neck
  • Refine and accentuate the appearance of muscles

The best candidate for a Vaser Lipo treatment in Des Moines has struggled to reduce unwanted fat from problem areas despite exercise and a healthy diet. Non-smokers with a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight make excellent candidates. A consultation with Dr. David Robbins will allow you to discuss the potential areas for sculpting as well as anticipate results and the recovery process.

During a VASER lipo procedure, the area to be treated is filled with a medicated solution. The fat cells are then treated with state-of-the-art ultrasound energy and are extracted from the body through a gentle suction process. The surrounding tissues are left intact, giving you the smooth contours you want with less pain or recovery time than traditional liposuction. Click here to learn more about the VASER lipo procedure.

After VASER lipo, patients are often able to return to their normal schedule within a few days. The post-operative swelling should fully subside within a few weeks and the skin will begin to shrink to accommodate your new shape. Final results are generally seen in three to six months.

VASER lipo is an alternative to the techniques of traditional liposuction offering an advanced body contouring procedure which selectively reduces unwanted body fat.

What distinguishes the VASER lipo procedure is its ability to differentiate fat from other important tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Our innovative technology breaks up fat while preserving all other important tissues. This approach promotes smooth results and rapid healing.

  • Jowls, chin, and neck
  • Abdomen, hips, and love handles
  • Male and female breasts
  • Arms
  • Back, buttocks, or thighs
  • Knees, calves, or ankles

Your results will be long-lasting, but not necessarily permanent. Natural aging, pregnancy, or any significant weight changes may alter your results. Maintaining a stable weight is the best way to achieve long-lasting results from your Vaser lipo in Des Moines

The risks of VASER lipo are comparable to traditional liposuction. Some risks include contour irregularities, fluid accumulation, numbness, infection, or blood clots. Dr. Robbins, at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™, will discuss all of the risks at length during your Vaser lipo consultation.

When you come in for your consultation in Des Moines, Dr. Robbins will ask about the areas of the body you want to address and what your desired goals are for your Vaser lipo in Des Moines. Price will be based on the number of areas being treated, the amount of work required, and other factors.

If you’re ready to take the next step for your VASER lipo in Des Moines, it’s time to schedule an in-office cosmetic consultation with Dr. Robbins.

During your VASER lipo consultation, we’ll go over important details regarding recovery and total cost. You’ll also have the chance to view our gallery of before-and-after photos. Call us at 515.221.9999 today or email us.

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If you have any questions about Vaser Lipo in Des Moines or would like to book a consultation with Dr. Robbins, please contact Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ today. Our skilled team can help you get the sculpted body you have always desired.

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