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After a few years and a couple of children, many women today are deciding to get their bodies back with a mommy makeover.

A mommy makeover includes a combination of procedures, such as a tummy tuck and breast surgery, along with other body-shaping treatments, like liposuction, that rejuvenate a mom’s physique.

Is A Mommy Makeover Right For Me?

The stress of raising a family today is often combined with a full-time career, and many mothers don’t have time to go to a gym. Even for those that do, there are still stubborn areas of fat as well as sagging skin that’s an inevitable part of aging and being a mom.

But today women realize that cosmetic surgery is a viable and acceptable option for continuing to look their best. With a few surgical procedures, mothers feel young again, with minimal downtime.

Breast Enhancement

Breastfeeding and aging can cause sagging, and sometimes only a little lift or enhancement is needed. Other times, women see their breasts lose volume after pregnancy. In a mommy makeover, breast augmentation and breast lift surgeries are included to restore breast fullness and youthful breast position. In a consultation with Dr. Robbins you will have the opportunity to see what your breasts will look like after breast augmentation by utilizing our Vectra 3D Imaging SystemDes Moines Plastic Surgery™ is the only practice in Des Moines offering the Vectra 3D Imaging System. Patients love this system because it allows you to see a 3D image of yourself before and after breast implants. It is also used for breast lifts and facial surgeries like rhinoplasty. See our Vectra 3D Imaging webpage for more information or learn more about the Vectra 3D sculptor at

Tummy Tuck

The abdominal area is another primary area of focus in the mommy makeover. Stretch marks and/or belly fat can all be treated through a tummy tuck. Depending on where the stretch marks are located, they can oftentimes be minimized during an abdominoplasty because that skin is removed. Even the most active mom may find it is hard to lose the pouch beneath her belly button. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Robbins can flatten the abdomen by repairing the muscles, while removing excess fat and sagging skin. If surgery is not an option, we offer CoolSculpting and Exilis which are nonsurgical ways to reduce belly fat. Click here to learn more about CoolSculpting which reduces fat by freezing it. Exilis provides fat reduction AND skin tightening through heat and radio frequency.

Liposuction And Fat Reduction

Liposuction is another optional treatment in a mommy makeover. As one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today, liposuction reduces localized areas of excess fat. Dr. Robbins can sculpt areas such as the abdomen, arms, buttocks, thighs, or hips. The recovery for liposuction is minimal. Click Here to learn more about liposuction.

Another option, which is becoming more popular than traditional liposuction for fat reduction is Smartlipo. The advantage of Smartlipo is that it provides fat reduction, skin tightening, and you are awake for the procedure. Local numbing is used on the indicated areas instead of general anesthesia.

Skin Care

As part of a total approach to a mommy makeover, skin care essentials can also be considered. This includes the use of chemical peels, microdermabrasion, as well as laser treatments for hair removal and wrinkle reduction. Botox® and dermal fillers, like Juvederm® and Radiessse®, can also enhance results.

Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

Because the body is still recovering and changing, you need to wait six months after childbirth before you get plastic surgery. Likewise, nursing mothers should also wait three to six months after breastfeeding before any breast procedures. If you are planning on having more children, wait until afterward to have your tummy tuck.

Yes. Combined procedures are very common in plastic surgery. They can save you time (by combining recovery times) and money. During a cosmetic consultation, Dr. Robbins can create a surgical plan designed to do both at the same time or a staged approach if that works better for you and your family.

You should choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who is experienced in body contouring and breast enhancement procedures. Here at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™, Dr. Robbins has performed many procedures like this, as exemplified in our before and after photo gallery. Dr. Robbins is the only quadruple board-certified plastic surgeon in Iowa. He is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, the American Board of Cosmetic Laser Surgery, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. These boards require rigorous oral and written exams as well as an evaluation of a surgeon’s training and methods. Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ also has a fully accredited operating suite which allows for more privacy and continuity of care.

During your mommy makeover consultation with Dr. Robbins at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™, he will sit down with you and discuss your goals, and the options we offer to help achieve them. Together, you will devise a complete treatment program. Dr. Robbins and our staff will answer any questions you may have and give the full details of the mommy makeover, including precautions, risks, and recovery.

Learn More At Des Moines Plastic Surgery™

Are you ready to discuss your mommy makeover? Call 515.221.9999 or email us to inquire about scheduling your cosmetic consultation at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™.

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