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POSITION: Full-Time Aesthetics Nurse – Operating Room/Recovery Room/Patient Care Coordinator

REPORTS TO: Practice Manager

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The registered nurse in the pre-operative area, recovery room and operating room will act as the supervisor for the patient while in these areas. She/He is the patient advocate and assures that quality care is administered. As Patient Care Coordinator, the nurse is to engage the patient through the entire process of plastic surgery (consultation, surgery, recovery, referrals) to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction.


  • Provides patient and family teaching regarding upcoming surgery. Completes patient health questionnaire and obtains medical clearance from patient’s family physician if the patient has an active medical problem.
  • Assesses patient’s chart for completeness and establishes basic interventions for patient care. Review pre-operative teaching regarding events to take place in the recovery room and operating room. Provide emotional support for patients pre- and post-operatively.
  • Assist in escorting patient from operative suite to recovery room while assessing the post-operative status. Initiate appropriate monitoring of patients. Document status in EMR which reflects care that is pertinent and concise to the patient’s status. Involve patient and family members in pre-op and post-op teaching and planning. Discharge the patient with proper discharge order and patient charting.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Operating Room Circulating Nurse

  • Identifies patients, assesses, and provides additional patient teaching. Assist patient to OR bed. Assist the anesthetist by applying a pulse oximeter, blood pressure cardiac monitors, and oxygen.
  • Assure the operating room is properly prepared for the daily schedule including but not limited to preparation of supplies, sterilization of equipment, cleaning the operating room and maintaining all equipment in working order.
  • Set up the OR for all surgical cases. Open sterile packs, instruments, and supplies ensuring that a sterile environment is maintained throughout the procedure. Checking and supplying the operating room at the end of all scheduled cases.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Patient Care Coordinator

  • During the consultation process: ethically educate, explain and discuss each individual patient’s surgical and non-surgical procedures and expectations. Nurture new patients through the consultation process, to instill trust and confidence. Educate patients about office and credential staff.
  • Prepare Pre-Op packet. Use the surgery checklist to ensure and coordinate all aspects of preoperative care and communication (including but not limited to labs, payments, etc.). At appointment, review the information in the Pre-Op packet.
  • Call patient the day before their surgery. Verify all payments. Verify all supplies are ready and proper communication with OR Nurse has been done. Touch base with the patient. Call the surgery patient 3 days after surgery.
  • Touch base with patients on their overall recovery. Follow detailed checklist for follow up appointment.


  • Review all policies and procedures on a yearly basis.
  • Attend continuing education courses relevant to specialty field.
  • Provide a safe environment for treating surgical patients to prevent cross-infection.
  • Obtain current basic CPR card and maintain ongoing in-service in basic cardiac and respiratory emergencies.
  • Assist in cleaning of pre-/post-op room, supplies, and equipment.
  • Participate in on-going quality assurance programs.
  • Complete legible notes, which reflect care that is pertinent and concise to the patient’s status.
  • Review Dr. Robbins’ schedule the day before, week before and month before including in-office consultations, procedures, follow ups, surgeries, etc.
  • Is responsible for compliance of scheduling protocols.


  • Registered nurses approved and employed by the medical staff must have, on file, their license to practice in the state of Iowa.
  • Must be ACLS Certified.
  • Operating room experience with at least one-year expertise in a surgical specialty or related field.
  • Computer skills including Electronic Medical Record input.

Please check back periodically for current opportunities as they become available.

If you think you are a great candidate, please contact us with why you’d like to join our team.

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