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Taking Years Away With Laser Lift

Chin Up! The Laser Lift procedure, the newest and most exciting face lifting technique to be introduced in over 20 years! The Laser Lift provides outstanding results, reducing signs of aging in the neck and face without the cost, risks, anesthesia, and downtime associated with a traditional facelift.

Laser Lift, a minimally invasive laser facelift. No stitches, no scalples, no scars. Look and feel young again, just 30 minutes to reverse the signs of aging. Until now, the only way to adequately address age-related changes in the lower face and neck was through surgical procedures that required invasive incisions and prolonged downtime. Traditional face and neck lifts involve the use of a scalpel, incisions, stitches, and some level of scarring and risk. Oftentimes these surgical facelifts require general anesthesia. In a traditional facelift procedure, whether a classic full facelift, S-lift or neck lift, the technology and approach used is a decade old. The results are no doubt amazing and Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ performs many of these surgical facelifts every year. However, we also appreciate the fact that not all patients need, require or want a surgical facelift but are still bothered by age-related changes in the face and neck.

Again, turning back the clock traditionally involved downtime, bruises, and swelling. Now, thanks to precise laser facelift technology, you can enjoy a minimally-invasive solution to aging: Laser Lift. This revolutionary procedure tightens and lifts the lower face, smooths wrinkles, and will restore the youthful curve to the neck. Reverse the signs of aging with Laser Lift, the solution to looking younger without the risks, costs, or recovery of the traditional facelift.

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