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Our Eyes

Did you know the first thing someone notices on us is our eyes? This means it’s also the first part of our face to show the aging process. We offer several solutions at Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ to enhance your eyes and keep them being noticed.

How Your Eyes Age…And How to Deal

Your face is surprisingly tough except for the thin skin around your eyes, which can be very fragile. According to WebMD, this is where the effects of sun, time, and stress show up first. Here, are the most common flaws and how to counteract them:

Problem: Wrinkles and furrows
Solution: From tiny crow’s-feet to deep lines, all can be virtually erased by muscle-relaxing injections (like Botox) and resurfacing (think lasers and chemical peels).

Problem: Drooping or hooded eyelids
Solution: The skin on your lids thins and sags over time, eventually resulting in heavy or droopy lids that can make you look tired and older. The strategy: inject Botox into your squinting muscles-the ones in your crow’s-feet area. Relaxing these muscles will lift heavy eyelids and help open up your eyes so they look more youthful and awake.

Problem: Hollows under the eye; these represent fat loss (in a place where you really do not want to lose it)
Solution: filler injections, which can plump up the recesses and brighten the area.

Problem: Dark undereye circles, often caused by thin skin, genes, a cluster of veins, or a buildup of blood
Solution: eye creams (such as SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair), which improves smoothness and provides hydration around the eyes. The result will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Problem: Puffy undereyes due to fat pockets
Solution: Eyelid Surgery. Removes the bags and puffiness around the eyes which in turn removes skin along with the fine lines and wrinkles.

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