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SmartLipo vs. Traditional Liposuction: A Detailed Comparison

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures for both men and women across the country is liposuction. This procedure reduces unwanted pockets of stubborn fat and better contours the overall shape of the body. With the newest form of liposuction, known as SmartLipo, many individuals are wondering which procedure is the best for them to undergo.

What is Traditional Liposuction?

Also referred to as Lipo, traditional liposuction is utilized to remove unwanted pockets of fat from the body. The most popular treatment areas are the chin, abdomen, flanks, chest, knees, upper arms, and thighs. This fat removal surgery involves making a small incision at the treatment site and using a suction-assisted device, known as a cannula, to remove unwanted fat cells from the area. Surgeons will physically break up the fat cells under the skin with the cannula. The result is a slimmer and better-contoured figure.

What is SmartLipo?

A fairly newer form of liposuction is known as SmartLipo, available at CoachLight. With this procedure, we use a specialized laser to achieve better results by inserting it into a small incision under the skin at the treatment location. The laser then passes thermal energy right through the fat cells. This helps to melt down and ultimately damage the fatty cells.

Once thermal energy melts the fat cells, they’re reabsorbed into the body with no need for suctioning! During the thermal energy process, the tissue around the fat is stimulated to tighten thanks to coagulation. This allows SmartLipo to provide a smoother shape overall than traditional liposuction on its own.

A Comparison of Procedure

In general, SmartLipo is considered less invasive and more intuitive than traditional liposuction. This is because it liquifies the fatty cells first, which makes for a much gentler removal process. With traditional liposuction, physical manipulation is a necessity to help suction up fat from under sagging skin.

Body Type Suitability

While both SmartLipo and traditional liposuction remove unwanted fat cells from the body to enhance one’s overall appearance, each procedure has its respective suitability for different body types. Typically, SmartLipo is a procedure recommended to patients who are within 20 percent of their ideal body weight.

These individuals tend to struggle with stubborn pockets of excess fat that dieting and exercise alone won’t fix. Individuals who are further away from their ideal weight are going to make better candidates for traditional liposuction.

Recovery Times

Whether you undergo traditional liposuction or SmartLipo, you can expect to have some downtime after your procedure. With both treatments, you’ll be advised by your experienced cosmetic surgeon to wear a compression garment for at least four to six weeks following your procedure. This helps to not only provide support for the treatment area but also works to minimize swelling and discomfort at the treatment site.

With traditional liposuction surgery, you’ll experience some soreness, bruising, and swelling for several weeks. Since SmartLipo suction is considerably less invasive, the recovery time tends to be much quicker. You can expect to do light physical activities within a couple of days following your cosmetic treatment. However, you need to hold off from more strenuous chores and tasks, especially those that involve heavy lifting, for at least three weeks post-treatment.

The Verdict

To sum things up, SmartLipo has more advantages than traditional liposuction, namely:

  1. Targeted Fat Removal: This precision allows for more accurate results, especially in delicate areas like the neck, arms, and chin, where traditional liposuction may pose a higher risk of unevenness or irregular contours.
  2. Minimally Invasive Procedure: The laser fiber used in SmartLipo is inserted through small incisions, resulting in less trauma to the surrounding tissues, reduced bleeding, and a faster recovery time for patients.

It’s still important to talk with a skilled medical team before fully deciding on whether SmartLipo is for you or not. If you’re in and around Des Moines, why not schedule a consultation with us at CoachLight?

Consult with CoachLight today!

Both traditional liposuction and SmartLipo in Des Moines and Ankeny are extremely effective at removing pockets of unwanted fat throughout the body. Choosing the ideal procedure for you depends on your specific needs, treatment sites, and overall body fat. Schedule a consultation with our team to find out how SmartLipo can help you!

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