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What’s Your Image?

Vectra 3D imaging technology used by Des Moines Plastic SurgeryWhen you sit down with Dr. Robbins for your consultation, he can tell you what you can realistically expect from a procedure, or even show you before-and-after photos of people who have undergone the same procedure. What he cannot do is show you images of what you will look like after the procedure, with photo-real accuracy, right?


New 3D imaging technology called the Vectra 3D camera is used by Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ to scan our patient’s features onto a computer screen, and show you in three dimensions what you very likely would look like after undergoing the desired procedure.

The Vectra works by scanning you with a special camera that renders a likeness of you in a computer program. The image can be manipulated to be seen from multiple angles. Then, we can adjust the image based on various factors, and comes up with a photo-realistic after image showing what effect the surgery will have. Click here for a trial of this photo-real imaging.

This is a great tool for patients who are concerned with how they will look after surgery. It allows you to see the likely results before committing to the procedure and Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ has a great tool to better inform you of your results.

To learn more about Vectra 3D Imaging call Des Moines Plastic Surgery™ at 515.221.9999 and receive your complimentary consultation and imaging.

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