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Unveiling Excellence: Why Patients Choose Des Moine Plastic Surgery, Iowa’s Premier Destination for Transformation

Welcome to Des Moines Plastic Surgery, Iowa’s premier destination for cosmetic plastic surgery. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, David Robbins, M.D., our practice founder, holds quadruple board certifications in the field of plastic surgery. The doctor’s unwavering mission has always been to offer patients an all-encompassing array of advanced cosmetic procedures in a haven for aesthetic rejuvenation.  

At Des Moines Plastic Surgery, patients encounter a private, state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery suite where their aspirations take center stage. It’s here, in this meticulously designed and technologically advanced space, that the artistry of science and the beauty of transformation converge, offering individuals a personalized path to their most radiant selves. 


Board Certifications of Excellence 

The mission to provide patients with unsurpassed excellence started with Dr. Robbins’s pursuit and completion of both general and specialized training in every area of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Surgeons who have met training and clinical requirements to begin each distinct board certification process must then pass a series of very rigorous examinations and peer evaluations to receive certification. 

Dr. Robbins’ impressive board certifications in plastic surgery, facial and reconstructive plastic surgery, cosmetic plastic surgery, and laser plastic surgery highlight his dedication to mastering the art and science of aesthetics, making him a trusted choice for those seeking perfection in every procedure. 


State-of-the-Art Accredited Surgical Suites 

At Des Moines Plastic Surgery, patients enjoy the peace of mind of having their procedures performed in a private surgical suite, our operating space holds the prestigious QUAD A accreditation, the nation’s gold standard for certifying in-office surgical suites, ambulatory surgery centers, and hospitals. In today’s world, undergoing surgery encompasses more than just choosing your surgeon.  

Over 40 years ago, QUAD A, introduced an accreditation program designed to assure patients of safety and quality throughout their outpatient surgery journey. To achieve this objective, every ambulatory surgery facility accredited by QUAD A must adhere to rigorous national standards related to the equipment, qualifications of personnel, and the surgeon’s credentials. 

The experts at QUAD A understand that maintaining safety and quality within ambulatory surgery facilities is an ongoing process, demanding continuous review and refinement of standards to reflect the latest advancements in healthcare. As the foremost accrediting organization, QUAD A has pioneered systems for effectively monitoring and implementing cutting-edge innovations in outpatient care delivery. 


Personalized Consultations with Advanced 3-D Visualization 

Patients at Des Moines Plastic Surgery are offered personalized consultations with Dr. Robbins, where every detail is meticulously discussed and brought to life through Vectra 3-D Imaging software. These consultations involve a thorough assessment, a detailed treatment plan tailored to individual goals, and a candid discussion of expectations. This ensures a clear and interactive path to achieving desired outcomes and empowering patients to make informed decisions.  

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Reduced Fees and Convenient Financing 

Choosing our accredited surgical facility is not only about convenience and personalized care—it’s also a smart financial decision. Our fees are significantly lower compared to hospitals and surgical centers, without compromising on the quality of care you receive. We understand that your cosmetic journey is a significant investment in yourself, and we are dedicated to making it as accessible as possible. 

In pursuit of offering patients every convenience and advantage, Des Moines Plastic Surgery proudly accepts financing through the nation’s most recognized and trusted medical financing services. This commitment ensures that patients can embark on their transformative journeys with ease and peace of mind. 


Contact Us to Learn More 

Thank you for visiting our practice today, we invite you to arrange a consultation and discover for yourself why Des Moines Plastic is Iowa’s predominant choice for surgical, non-surgical, and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.  

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